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[Public] Here you are down on your knees again, trying to find air to breathe again

Why in the fuck is everyone so obsessed with this homecoming crap? I hate this school so much. People. Really. It is JUST a goddamn football game. A bunch of gaywad guys running around in tight pants, hurting each other over a sleeve of stuffed pigskin. ... fuck, when I put it that way it's actually interesting. Beside the point; why all this faggotry about who is dating who? God.

And as if work couldn't possibly suck anymore, the blond bimbos are now out of recovery and back to bothering me. I swear, one of them who came in actually didn't have the brains to walk and chew gum at the same time. She would take a few steps, stop, smack her gum, take a few more steps, stop, smack her gum... it just went on like that. It would be utterly fascinating if it weren't the state of our society. Ugh.

They've also put Twilight merchandise into the store, now. A whole display of t-shirts and candy. Candy. Yes, that's right, for 3.99 you can now bite the head off edward cullen. Hell, if they made that into the lower head and jacked the price up, they could be raking in even more dough; I'm honestly surprised no one has tried it, yet.

Also: Grow up you pansies. We all knew midterms were coming.
Tags: douchbags in tight clothing, my job is a nightmare, retail nonsense, stupid conformist cults, vampire faggotry is go, whining bitches all around me
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